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Welcome to ‘my kind of retreat’ – the kind of retreat that you can dip in and out of as much or as little as you choose. The kind of retreat that has a pause button built in, enabling you to breathe a little slower and take in the view. On my retreats, you’ll not only be able to stretch your body and your mind but most importantly it’s about having fun and with a pinch of adventure thrown in for good measure along the way.


Each venue has slightly different elements to it, so take a moment to review what’s on offer at each destination. I must tell you that my non-negotiables are the same for each retreat.

  •  The venue has to be beautiful, where we feel our shoulders drop a little on entry

  •  Delicious wholesome food is essential

  • En-suite bathrooms are a must

  •  European retreats need to be less than an hour's drive from the airport and most importantly,

  • All retreats need to feature great G&Ts (other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

will be available of course).


Whether you’re seeking a quiet space to write, read or think, or would love to try or improve your yoga or if you’re simply looking to connect with other women in beautiful surroundings and need a break from the every day to chat over a glass of something cold, then this could be ‘your kind of retreat’.

Spaces are also typically limited to 14 ladies or less.



‘Little girls with dreams, become women with a vision’




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September 2019 Issue

Make time for what matters

I take the research; the thinking; the planning and the organisation out of the equation, as it’s all done. All that’s left is to book your place; your flights; your kit; choose your favourite book and bring an open mind and heart. I’ll be there to welcome you with my ultimate objective of helping you embrace everything on offer, relax and go home feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever is next…

I think you’ll love it.

I have been on 3 of 'Ruth’s Retreats' and what a treat they have been. For someone else to take all the stress out of organising a perfect holiday is wonderful. To know that the place you will be going to will be unique and beautiful and that you will experience another culture. There is always time to relax, chat with old and make new friends, take on some exercise and enjoy the food and wine. I can only give 'Ruth’s Retreats' the strongest possible recommendation

Sarah-Jane Allison


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