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I collaborate with some wonderfully talented souls in the well-being; creative and gin-distilling sectors to bring you events that are fun, immersive and hopefully a bit out of the ordinary.  Could this be the year you just say yes, it's time for me to have a go at something new, meet new people and maybe taste something new?  

Life can be a wonderful ride - get your diary out and join us - what's the best that can happen?

- Gift Vouchers - 


Who doesn't love a thoughtful gesture or gift voucher for something a little different? Sometimes, an experience can be more memorable than a gift?

These rather lovely 'Very Thoughtful Gin & Yin Gift Vouchers' (if I do say so myself 😉) are valid for 18 months, can be made up to any amount you wish and can put towards any forthcoming event or retreat.


Please email me at
if you'd like to order one

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