"I really did not know what to expect after booking this trip for a laugh when we were all on a girls night out.  Ruth's attention to detail blew me away, I did not have to remember a thing because Ruth managed the whole trip to perfection, from various excursions right up to the time the bus took us back to the airport.  I particularly enjoyed Ruth's workshops and although some other Ladies dipped in and out of the Agenda, I didn't miss a thing!  Massive Thanks to Ruth, you've created a real niche that us hard-working girls need but don't have the time or energy to organise ourselves.  You wouldn't get a holiday like this with a package tour!  Well done and when can we go again?"

Ursula Alexopoulos

"Thank you so much for the retreat. You were the perfect hostess and the group was just so lovely. It's testament to you that you and your brand attract some gorgeous, genuine people."

Vicki Knights

Having just returned from my first retreat with Gin & Yin I can wholeheartedly say...'I will be back!' From the minute I landed at Malaga airport alone and in need of some serious RnR, Ruth put me at ease - From the airport introductions with the other 'Gin & Yinners, the seamless taxi transfer, to the amazing arrival drink at the hotel- I knew I was in for a treat!


Shanti Som itself is a beautiful mix of simple, comfortable luxury and relaxed elegance without the stuffiness of a high-end resort. The staff are key to achieving this and work effortlessly to make you feel at home, they are down to earth, funny, knowledgeable, professional, kind and considerate. From the yoga teachers, to the reception staff, there is a special team waiting to welcome you on your journey to relaxation.


Ruth had arranged an itinerary which was a perfect balance of activity and free time, allowing you to do as much or as little as you wanted - no early morning training sessions and meal replacement diets here! Oh no! The food was to die for - truly delicious! All meals were carefully planned and well balanced, and incredibly tasty, I will definitely remember the food from this trip as being exceptional!


In short, this Gin and Yin retreat allowed me time to think, heal, read, relax, sleep, meet new people, explore new places and try new things. It took me out of my comfort zone and gently placed me down in idyllic surroundings, mentored by a wonderful host who knows how important, and hard-to achieve 'me-time' is. The value I gained from this experience cannot be explained in terms of cost or money, but only in terms of adding value to my life journey, and I am truly grateful I have had the opportunity to experience a Gin and Yin retreat - hopefully one of many!!!!

Bethan Hogg

The location and retreat were perfect.  Loved doing yoga outside and early in the morning.  The food was healthy and plentiful and it was nice to have a glass of wine and talk to like-minded women.

Lisa Twining

The itinerary was excellent and well planned

Lesley Mitchell

Loved the mix of yoga; walking; chilling out by the pool and meals together.  The size of the group was perfect as was the small intimate venue and setting.  The food was amazing - great to not have to make too many decisions about what to eat.  You were a fabulous host.  Keep doing what your doing!

Cathy McGettigan

Three words to describe the retreat:  

Relaxed, happy and calm

Indulgent, nurtured, remote

Inspired, recharged, calm

Shanti-Som Feedback 2018

Ruth's amazing retreats have taught me the importance of taking time out of my hectic life to just 'be', to breathe, learn, listen, laugh and not feel guilty about it! A few days in this nurturing environment calms, inspires and revitalises me, giving me a vital boost to be the best Me for my family, friends and professional life. Her retreats are not so much a treat as an investment.

Nicola Taylor

‘Loved it, loved it, loved it!! A fabulous weekend away in the hills of Ibiza – beautiful scenery, tasty food, yoga on the terrace in the evening sunshine, lovely company, lovely G&Ts….. I felt like I’d had a week away rather than just a few days.   Really well organised with the perfect mix of relaxation and activity - do as much or as little as you want, but always lovely things to do…..or not do!  Superb Ruth – can’t wait for the next one’ ​

Penny Houghton

I have been on 3 of 'Ruth’s Retreats' and what a treat they have been. For someone else to take all the stress out of organising a perfect holiday is wonderful. To know that the place you will be going to will be unique and beautiful and that you will experience another culture. There is always time to relax, chat with old and make new friends, take on some exercise and enjoy the food and wine. I can only give 'Ruth’s Retreats' the strongest possible recommendation

Sarah-Jane Allison

I have been on six organised 'Ruth’s Retreats', which should speak volumes. She manages to choose great places, combine yoga, walks, shopping, reading and plenty of chilling. Always included is fun, laughs and a few more friends by the end of your stay. If you go in a group or as an individual her Retreats are guaranteed to leave you wanting to rebook, extend or inspire you to make a change.

Caroline Thompson

Having been on 3 of Ruth's Retreats I can guarantee you are in for a wonderful, relaxing, reviving, inspiring time.  Ruth chooses such amazing destinations and not only that but the places she books are just so perfect, her attention to detail, which I believe stands Ruth apart from any other retreats is so unforgettable, she chooses accommodation that is so very different, yet at the same time being luxurious and welcoming.  Plus the Yoga time, the free time, the time booked out to go for a spa break or for dinner are all planned with such focus, providing an overwhelming experience and leave you and your soul utterly nourished

Jayne Winn

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