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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

“If it’s out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind”

Thanks to my lovely pal Sam for reminding me about this quote – Sam’s online ‘mindfulness sessions’ have been so helpful during the last few months, check her website here:  - We can only control what's within our control - what we eat; what exercise we do, what we read / watch; how we interpret things; how we treat ourselves and others and the environment we live it ... what can you free from your mind right now?

As another month draws to a close and still so much uncertainty lies ahead of us, I very much hope you’ve been able to find some comfort in the simple things this month – personally I really enjoy the changing colours and textures of the season, dark damp days are a great excuse to tuck into a warm comforting bowl of soup in your fluffiest socks and PJs.  I love the velvety texture of butternut squash soup, sadly I’m the only one in our house, not that I let that stop me, so tomorrow, I’ll be making a ‘Butternut Squash and Coconut Soup’ – if you’re a fellow squash lover here are some soup-a-doopa recipes:

Whilst my soup making repertoire is pretty good if I do say so, my pumpkin carving skills on the other hand are utterly dreadful, I’m sure kids have turned away from our house in the past, as the carnage itself is was enough to give our doorstep a miss!  I take my hat off to all the pumpkin carvers out there, some of which are pure art.  Sadly / luckily? no Halloween themed requests for me this year - I did however treat myself to some rather nifty pumpkin spectacles, (much to my daughter’s dismay) … although I’m not sure anyone will see me in them (much to her delight?) as I’m guessing 'Trick &  Treating' is out of the window this year? or just through it maybe?  Never mind, I’ll just have to eat the sweetie stash and watch ‘Hocus Pocus’ in my PJs and spiffing specs - cheers to that.

Going back to the theme of 'simple things' – I follow a lovely company called ‘Nordic House’ and bought a gorgeous mug / soup bowl and saucer from them last year which are still going strong (see below) and yes, this will be filled with soup tomorrow!  In one of their newsletters Sandie the founder says “our homes have a vital part to play in our happiness and wellbeing, I believe that the spaces we live can be truly healing if we allow them to be” – she said this back in 2009, how true and poignant is this today?  Making our homes cosy sanctuaries doesn't have to cost the earth – this could be eating supper by candlelight, with some wild foliage from your garden in a little jar – or how about saving your empty gin bottles (yes, it’s true I might have a few) … and fill them with mini lights – Poundland have some great ones on a wire with a little stopper the prefect size for a gin bottle - they really look the part.  For more ideas just Google 'Hygge on a budget' there are lots of ideas out there.

What's New at Gin & Yin HQ??

Firstly, I'm doing an IG Live this Saturday (31st October) at 4pm with Francesca at Villa Olivo (the location for my Italian Retreat from 5th - 8th May) and Lisa Dunn, the lovely talented yoga teacher on this retreat - I'm not entirely sure why I do these things to myself, as I get myself into a right tizz wazz about it, but you need to step out of your comfort zone from time to time, just to see what it's all about.  It would be lovely to see a friendly name pop up armed with a G&T or Tea for that matter if you have the time to tune in x

Other than that, not a huge amount of excitement here at Gin & Yin HQ truth be known, with continued restrictions and limitations around 'live events' ... however, I am super excited about trying my hand at a couple of new online 'Event / Retreat in a Box' ideas, plus, I'm over the moon to be collaborating with lovely brands like 'Mr Filbert's' and 'Hayman's Gin' who will be contributing to these boxes, hopefully with a couple of more to shout about too

Plus, next month I will also be attending an online ‘Detox and Hormone Balancing Retreat’ from Thurs 12th – Mon 16th Nov 2020 if you fancy joining me?  This is being run by Lisa Dunn (as above), Asa Simonsson, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Nurse along with a Guest Speaker, Katarina Wilk, a Medical Research Journalist who will be talking about the Perimenopause.  “It’s a great time to cleanse and get ready for winter. More so this year than any other year. Cleansing and balancing hormones will profoundly boost your immune system!”  If you’d like more info, go to  If you think this is for you too – there’s £10 off if you mention ‘Gin & Yin’.  You know me ... always up to something for down for anything - I'll keep you posted on how it goes, or drop me a line if you have any questions x

So, What's Next ... 

Online Workshop - Sip & Sketch - - Thurs 19th Nov 2020 7 pm - 90 mins Via Zoom Regardless of whatever 'Tier' you're in - worry ye not (well not about this event I mean!) I will send everything you need for a fun creative night 'in in'. Look at this lovely pomegranate by Lynette from her latest 'The Art Class' workshop - let's call this an interactive 'wellness with a twist' online event from the comfort of your own home.  No judgement, or masterpiece expectations here, only good fun with paints and a spot of gin.  What's The Cost? £32pp (incl booking fee) What's Included:   Online Tutorial - Art Materials + A double sized G&T / Alternative Non-Alcoholic Drink + A Sweet & Savoury Treat - Your 'Retreat in a Box' goodies will be posted / delivered to you before the event.  Spaces limited to 12 so don't rest on your HB pencils - Book now to join us.

Yes please Sketch Me In

Online Workshop - Sip & Sniff - 


Weds 25th Nov 2020

7pm - 90 mins

Via Zoom

While we're sadly not able to deliver 'This Essential Oils Workshop May Contain Gin' night that we'd hoped for at No. 97 - Rina Bailey from Dotty's Oils and I are determined not to be beaten - we're now delivering this workshop to you online, which will be fully interactive, enabling you to sniff various oils and understand their benefits and uses, along with a guided tutorial on blending your very own festive mix, which we hope will support your wellbeing during this time.

Not only that, I'm delighted to be collaborating with Hayman's Gin again to bring you their berry delicious

Sloe Gin - if you haven't tried it before, you really are in for a treat.  Once again everything you'll need for this interactive session, incl. gin, garnishes, edible and self care treats, essential oils and rollerball essentials will be delivered to you at home.  This could also make the perfect gift for someone you care about.

What's the Cost:  

 £42.00 (inc. booking fee)

Essentially - I'm In

The Pinny is On!

Last but not least yes it’s ‘Christmas Cake’ making season again.  Last year I made a delicious Sloe Gin Christmas Cake as recommended by 'The Craft Gin Club' (based on a Mary Berry recipe). If you fancy giving one a go, this one is a keeper, here’s the recipe

Keep safe, keep your glasses clean and your sloes stocked up - cheers

until next month x

Ruth x

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