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Teeming, Tipping and Slinging!

Well, that was a bit of a wash out wasn’t it? Teeming, tipping, slinging, whatever you want to call it, it has been blowing a hoolie on and off down here this month - I’m still finding things down the garden that I’m sure weren’t there last year, never mind last month? Saying that, the long-forgotten pop-up tent spotted by a neighbour trying to fly off (not seen for at least 8 or so years) worked remarkably well as a temporary rain shelter for one of our workmen, so that was an unexpected bonus, or at least for him.

Despite the weather, venturing out this month has been really uplifting - I’ve also been able to make a start on my ’50 things for my 50th year / decade’ list – starting with supper at Petersham Nurseries, which was magical, exactly as I’d hoped packed with real flowers and pukka candles the whole works, photo below of the daytime view, along with a visit to ‘The Bombay Sapphire Distillery’ see photo above of the Mediterranean glass house, packed with botanicals which was a highlight - other than not actually tasting the gin in question in an classic G&T … I’m still befuddled about that, it was a wonderful afternoon. Great to learn about the history of Laverstoke Mill, once a historic papermill making bank notes for both the Bank of England and the Indian Rupee - its name “originates from the popularity of gin in India during the British Raj and Sapphire refers to the violet-blue Star of Bombay’, so there you have it – feel free to show off your new found knowledge with friends and family free of charge. If you find yourself down in Hampshire, it’s well worth a visit

The zip and button on my favourite jeans are protesting that I’ve been ‘eating out - but in’ maybe too much, with not one but two wonderful weekends away this month - first with my family (in a posh tree house at Chewton Glen) and second up with my oldest Uni friends in a forest lodge (Forest Lodge Holidays) both belated birthday treats and just what the Dr. ordered - both were situated in forests, which when it’s hammering down (hammering … add that to the list too!) added to the magic, admittedly, the luxury of hot tubs and log burners helped considerably too. I hope you’ve had some lovely experiences this month too.

So, what nuggets of loveliness can I share with you this month? I made a delicious rhubarb and apple crumble thanks to my friend Helen for her home grown rhubarb and to the BBC for this recipe: - I was v. tempted to make rhubarb gin, but in all honestly, I’m not a huge fan of flavoured gins, so didn’t want to waste any of my good stuff - have to laugh – if you fancy having a go, check this one out: I’m still tempted, so if you do make it, can you let me know what it’s like.

Books + Films – I’m still reading ‘The Thursday Morning Murder Club’ … no surprises there, my sloth like reading speed has nothing whatsoever to do with the content, it’s a lovely read and I highly recommend it – next up will be ‘The Salt March’ a recommendation, which I’m going to borrow from a friend … there’s a deadline to read this one… gulp, wish me luck. Films – nothing special to report this month, but I really want to see Nomadland – anyone watched it yet?

What's Been Happening at Gin & Yin HQ?

This month I signed up to the 'Pebble Community' to understand more about sustainable living and attended a thought provoking ‘Sustainable Travel’ discussion hosted by Georgina, the founder of Pebble and author of ‘Is it really green? Every day eco-dilemmas answered’. As you might imagine, there’s a fair bit of discussion around this topic and the bottom line is until planes are truly fossil fuel free, flying will remain a hot potato, however, did you know that the carbon footprint of global food waste is greater than that of the airline industry? Apparently so. “Globally, wasted food accounts for about 8 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. The environmental consequences of producing food that no one eats are massive.” – note to self to check what’s at the back of our fridge!

Travel has been a hugely rewarding part of mine and my family’s lives (don't think that’s grammatically correct?) anyway, I strongly believe that meaningful travel is enormously beneficial, not only for us as individuals, but also for communities around the world if it's done responsibly – it helps us to appreciate our own lives and the lives of others, it opens our eyes to new cultures and experiences, it helps to build and strengthen our own relationships and when we travel, it allows us to properly switch off from the day to day stresses and strains and reboots us in ways that we can’t achieve at home.

When you book your next holiday, check out travel and travel gear companies with the B. Corp status - Clearly, as a teeny weeny company I don’t have B. Corp status, however, I am trying to make positive choices including supplying all retreaters with a ‘Dopper’ water bottle to reduce single use plastic waste while we’re away (yes, they can also turn into a G&T cup, in-gin-ius I know!). Dopper are also a B. Corp certified company - I ask about the eco credentials at the venues that I choose to book and I donated the profits from my last retreat to Marrakech to ‘Project Soar’ a non-profit organisation, which helps empower girls to stay in education to prepare them for productive and fulfilled futures. We enjoyed watching the girls on a ‘team building’ day when we were over there last too, an experience we won't forget. I’m still learning too and continuing to chat with companies also doing their bit, I'll share other eco-nuggets with you next month - if you have any ideas too, I'd love to hear from you x

So What's Next?

3 Night Down to Earth Retreat - Northern Ibiza

- - -

(2 Rooms Left)

Thurs 16th - Sun 19th Sept 2021

- - -

After the 18 months we've just had, this retreat will be a heavenly escape to help us feel wild and free again - staying in a traditional Finca filled with light and boho chic art, complete with its own orchard and only a hop and a skip from the sea. We'll enjoy daily yoga, an evening hike, sundowners and supper on the beach, positive wellbeing chats and so much more. I have 2 rooms left on this one - which can be taken as a twin, or a double room, or why not invite 2 friends or family members, to help strengthen relationships and friendships with this immersive experience together.

What’s the investment?

£780 pp sharing a twin room with ensuite facilities or £850 for a private room with ensuite facilities. This includes airport transfers to and from Ibiza, daily yoga, a evening guided hike to the sunset restaurant, all meals taken at the Finca and a trip to Ibiza Old Town.


3 Night - Restorative Mountain Retreat - Marbella

- - -

Thurs 9th - Sun 12th June 2022

- - -

If you can't face booking an overseas retreat this year, but need something positive in your diary to look forward to next year, this could be exactly what you need. This will be my 5th retreat here, which I hope speaks volumes - each time I arrive I feel my shoulders drop even before I've reached my room - it really is a hidden sanctuary that has everything for a wonderful long weekend escape.

What’s the investment?

£850 pp sharing a twin room with ensuite facilities and private balcony or £1,100 for private room, ensuite facilities and a private balcony. This includes airport transfers to and from Malaga, daily yoga, meditation, a guided morning hike, most meals, a trip to the Old Town and most importantly, uninterrupted time for yourself.

​How do I book

£200 secures your space - book below.


'Go For It Now - The Future is promised to no one'

Wayne Dyer

- - -

The mountains you see here are the majestic Atlas Mountains, the itinerary for my 5 night 'Retreat to Magical Marrakech' is nearly ready to share - 2 nights will be right here in the mountains and 3 nights near the Medina - the mountain element is optional. I have 6 ladies reserved on this one already for 2022, if you'd like to be kept informed too, email me and you'll also get first dibs.

Last but not least, I'd like to give a shout out to the lovely Lisa Dunn & Asa Simonsson and their next 'Online Detox Longevity Retreat' taking place online from Thurs 17th - Mon 21st June - Lisa is also the yoga teacher on my Italian Retreat which is now fully booked. This time they're sharing secrets to a long and healthy lifespan through nutrition, yoga, breathwork and cooking demos, I highly recommend it. Wot no gin I hear you say? Yes, I know, but even I can do 5 nights without a G&T - If you'd like to find out more, message me and I'll send the full low down. Bottoms up to getting to the bottom of this newsletter - cheers and thank you as always for reading this.

Ruth x

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