Just a Girls Weekend or CEOs Conference?

Having just come back from a weekend away with friends, I can now confirm that I feel with complete certitude that a girls’ weekend is so much more than a couple of nights away with a few mates. 

Yes, you may go away with the aim of maybe having some fun, replenishing your soul or restoring your mental balance; but what you actually get is something money can’t buy. 

Over the years, I’ve talked with friends about the concept of being the CEO of your home, of leading your family as you would your business where you analyse your growth, strategically plan your time, develop your team and empower each member. That’s all well and good, but sometimes in order to inspire and lead you need a senior team around you that offer some welcome advice, good times, great company and sometimes a shoulder when needed. 

Well our girls’ weekend away, in my eyes, represented a type of team building exercise with a group of mum CEOs striving to reinvigorate their leadership skills. Almost like a conference for mum CEOs where we listened to one another, discussed current affairs, personal health, educational issues, reading material; and in the process we learnt from one another and inspired each other without even realising. It happened very organically and all the ladies brought something very special and unique to the table - humour, experience, a fresh approach, creativity! 

As with any well-organised conference; the venue; food; activities and service has a huge influence on your enjoyment and fortunately, the quality of ours was so good that it allowed us all to relax and the inspired conversation to flow. 

Everyone faces different challenges in life and spending some time away from the ‘daily grind’ of home life and sharing these with a wonderful group of like minded individuals helps to reaffirm your thoughts/life strategy and lets you come away with greater clarity. Either to make changes to how we do things or confirm in our own minds that we’re on the right track. And of course, above all, that a little time out is incredibly beneficial.

Thank you ladies - you truly are an inspiration! 

Francesca Smith