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Time to pack like you mean it

This is the first time I'm genuinely delighted to have left writing this newsletter to the last minute. As some of you will know (as you’re coming too yeay and if you're not, I still have spaces) my first Retreat to be re-re-written back into my diary (scribbled out twice already) is now back on the map, as we're off to Northern Ibiza in September. I just need Mr. Shapps to very kindly, no biggie but to get a wiggle on and add Greece and Italy to the green list too - once that's done I’ll be happier than the happiest gin slinger that ever sipped and skipped at the same time with a G&T in both hands and a miniature in each sock for good measure - always a good idea to be prepared in these strange times.

Talking of diaries – call me old fashioned, but I’m a paper girl through and through, I love proper diaries (currently using Blox Stationary), I appreciate things that are beautifully printed, I love holding a book to read and I’m always tearing things out of various magazines to make / do / cook / try at some point in the future – truth be known it might be getting out of hand, but worry ye not, I keep a fire extinguisher in my office … and I’m not even joking! If George from @simplifybygeorge reads this, I’m sure she’d say, ‘Ruth, that’s not really the answer!’ Anyways, one of the down sides of a written diary is that you can’t rub pen out, well, technically you can if you have the right pen … which I don’t … so my diary is an absolute mess, it’s about as far removed as you can get from those gorgeous diaries you see on Instagram, you know the ones with beautiful hand writing in them, next to a pristine keyboard, with the obligatory plant and gorgeous water glass - there's probably half of a sandwich somewhere in my keyboard!

Anyways, if you’re lucky enough to be heading to the airport any time soon, then whoop whoop to you, have a wonderful time, here’s a fun ‘Pack Like a Pro’ article from a travel writer – it’s a bit old but still good – check out packing into ‘cubes’ … who knew?

If, however you’re staying closer to home and would like some ‘micro’ adventure ideas, check this out

I’ve been following Alastair Humphrey’s for some time - he’s awesome and so generous with his ideas and suggestions, most of which are free and accessible.

Books + Films – Drum roll please, I have finally finished ‘The Thursday Morning Murder Club' - it was great, a really lovely read, full of kindness and enough twists and turns to keep you guessing - well done Richard Osman, if there's a place in real life like that to retire to, I'll put my name down right now! Next up is ‘The Salt March’ I'll keep you posted on that one, you know what I'm like. Films – I've just started 'The Handmaids Tale' from the v. beginning - oh my word, where have I been? Terrifying disturbing and compelling in equal measure, I slightly regret starting it, but can't wait for the next episode. Thanks also to Pebble Magazine for bringing ‘Breaking Boundaries: The Science of our Planet’ on Netflix to my attention – hosted by the formidable Sir David Attenborough and scientist Johan Rockstrom who examine the Earth’s biodiversity collapse and how the crisis can potentially be averted. While the big stuff needs to be addressed at Government level, there are small steps that we can take too, I highly recommend watching it, try and get your kids to watch it too.

What's been happening at Gin & Yin HQ?

First and foremost it was World Gin Day earlier this month, hooray to whichever wonderful soul thought that one up - although as my son's friend said when he arrived mid virtual cocktail making, "every day is a gin day in your house Ruth" ... have to laugh. This photo is of the 4th and final cocktail of the night (hence the messy table) which was a Cosmopoli-gin - thanks to the Craft Gin Club for hosting such a fun evening - I've discovered I can't spin a jigger or throw a bottle in the air safely, however, I can make a cracking 'Italian 75' with limoncello - I hope you raised a G&T to the occasion too.

What else, oh I had my second AZ jab and I'm relieved to report that I felt as fit as a flea, unlike the first one which floored me for 48 hours. I’m also getting closer to finalising my retreat to Marrakech for 2022 – this time we’re starting the trip off with 2 nights in the desert as a hike in the Atlas Mountains is also on my ’50 Things’ list, followed by 3 nights near the Medina (you can book whichever part of the trip ticks your box, or join us for all 5 nights) – watch this space.

I also took part in a brilliant ‘Detox & Longevity’ online 5 day retreat with Asa Simonsson and Lisa Dunn (Lisa is the yoga teacher on my Italian Retreat in October, toes and tonics crossed for that one). Over the years I've heard how good intermittent fasting can be for you (if you're generally fit and healthy), however, I’ve never really given it much thought, until now – the retreat offered a perfect mix of talks; movement; cooking demos and science – just enough to keep you committed and supported, while also enough time to get your juices and broths ready, remind your family that you're still in the house and stick a wash on or three. They do it once a quarter, you really need to dedicate time to it to get the most out of it, but it's well worth it - it's also a great way of shifting a few pounds too - if you'd like to find out more, let me know and I'll put you in touch.

So What's Next?


3 Night Down to Earth Retreat

Northern Ibiza

- - -

(2 Rooms Left)

Thurs 16th - Sun 19th Sept 2021

- - -

Northern Ibiza has a wonderful bohemian laidback vibe, with gorgeous scenery and sunsets - its reputation as a wellness and healing community is well-earned which is exactly why I'm returning.

In addition to the guided hike with the promise of sundowners at the end, this retreat offers daily yoga, delicious food, a trip to the Old Town, mini wellness discussions and of course time built in for relaxation and restoration.

Arrive as strangers, leave as friends x

What’s the investment?

Price Freeze from 2019 - £780 pp sharing a twin room with ensuite facilities or £850 for a private room with ensuite facilities. This includes airport transfers to and from Ibiza Airport, daily yoga, guided hike to the sunset restaurant and all meals taken at the Finca. Click below to find out more - £200 secures your spot.


ALL NEW - Happy Healthy SMALL BUSINESS RETREAT - - - Tues 9th & Weds 10th November 2021 1 Hour from London - - - I'm excited to announce that I'm launching the above retreat for small business owners, or anyone thinking of setting up their own business. I've talked about it for long enough, so the time is now - this retreat will offer a mix of business talks and workshops, mixed in with mindful movement sessions as well as offering wellness tips, tools and takeaways to keep small businesses and their owners healthy and well while they grow. As this is a brand new concept for me CAN YOU HELP ME PLEASE? Can you spare 5 minutes to answer my questionnaire in the tab below - this will give me a better understanding of what small business owners need right now, so I can produce the best little business retreat out there. Thank you. YES SURE HAPPY TO HELP

Girlie Time

- - -

Say hello to my daughter Evie who is 15 - here we are enjoying a spot of mother and daughter time last Friday. She's too young to join me on a retreat just yet, however, on each retreat I typically have a mother and daughter, or sisters, or sister-in-laws, as well as best friends. Going on a retreat is such a wonderful way of enjoying shared experiences and building stronger connections - and for the rest of us, we arrive as strangers and leave as friends.

Thanks as always if you're still with me to the end of this newsletter, I hope you have some quality girlie time coming up in your diary too xx

Ruth x

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