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Happy half a year and congratulations to those of you who have been living through the emotional highs and lows of end of year exams; GCSE's and A Levels.  I can't tell you how happy I am that I organised a retreat straight after my son's A Levels.  Talking of which, I wanted to get this out before I escape for a few days with a group of lovely ladies to ‘the land of the setting sun’ to embrace a new culture and experiences and sip organic rose petal adorned G&Ts in an olive grove somewhere on the outskirts of Marrakech with the Atlas Mountains as our backdrop - ahh - sorry about that - back in the room!  Luckily, you’re getting this before I go, but I can’t promise not to mention what we got up in my July newsletter.

I truly can’t believe another summer is almost upon us can you?  I know I say this every June, but honestly, I feel it has snuck up on me once again in a stealth-like fashion, caught unawares, in my underwears as per usual ... the weather definitely has a lot to answer for.  I appreciate the longest day has been and gone, but I’ve got some serious catching up to do … I need to don a pretty lightweight frock complete with messy up-do; eat al fresco; make several jugs of Pimms with lashings of mint; enjoy a poetic pause; dance around the garden with the fairies… (oh ok I might have done that one) …and simply enjoying doing nothing!  

Last month I went to the ‘Balance’ festival – it's a good one to check out if you get the chance - it contains fun, fitness, facials, fab mood foods and cannabis tea tastings (more about that in next months’ post!) and … not that we need another buzz word, but I do really like this – it’s called ‘Fjaka Life’ which I learnt about at the Saint Iris Adriatica stand (they make beautiful skin care products) – this saying originates from Croatia and simply means ‘doing nothing’ … when was the last time you did absolutely nothing at all and just totally relaxed?  The ultimate ‘Fjaka’ aspires for nothing, needs nothing and wants nothing … bliss ... here we are enjoying a spot of fjaka after a fusion sunset yoga class in Marbella last year!

What have I been up to this month? 

This month has been a lovely meeting of minds - if you follow me on Insta you'll know that I've attended a couple of inspiring events, one on 'Luxury Travel Redefined' with Abercrombie & Kent and Vanity Fair and the other on the theme of 'Mindfulness - Come to Centre' - both events have reassured me that my dreams and aspirations for Gin & Yin are heading the right way - from immersive carefully tailored retreat experiences, to taking time to shut out the noise and focus purely on ourselves for just a few days ... I'm working on some really interesting socials and supper clubs too for Oct / Nov - watch this space x

So, what's coming up next  ....

'Yin Yoga, Gin Talking, Tasting

& Supper' 

@ The Gin Kitchen Distillery, Dorking

Saturday 14th Sept 2019 - 4pm - 8pm

 Only 4 tickets left on this yin-yoga-gin-sipping-social - Tickets are £35.00 and if you're looking for a special summer gin, I can't recommend Dancing Dragontail Summer Gin enough - to try this as well as enjoying a pre-sipping yoga session with a yin-twist by Adele, from 'Pure Body by Adele' - bagsy your mat & gin glass by clicking below (Max 18 - over 18's obvs)  All yoga and gin sipping abilities welcome.

Bagsy Your Mat & Glass


Down to Earth Retreat - Agrotourism - Ca Sa Vilda Marge - Northern Ibiza

Thurs 11th - Sun 14th June 2020

 You are the very first to know about this grounding retreat to a hidden gem less than a 35 minute drive from Ibiza Town.  This will be our sanctuary for 3 nights in June next year - located in the middle of an orange orchard (equally as good with gin), we'll be staying in a beautifully restored 400 year old Finca enjoying an authentic

retreat with flow yoga; a sunset hike; mini wellness sessions; food from the land; G&Ts of course and so much more.

Full details will be added to the website when I'm back next week - If you'd like me to let you know when the booking system goes live, click below x

Let Me Know ASAP!

Well ladies, thank you as always for reading this and your continued support  .. oh and a lovely warm welcome  to my new subscribers too, wonderful to have you on board.

If there's anything you'd like to see from Gin & Yin, or would like an event on, or would like me to do something bespoke for you and a group of friends - let me know ... I might just have some ideas.

In the meantime - Bottoms Up!

Ruth x

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