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What Is Something Everyone Should Have??

... and nope, I don't just mean gin.

What has been your plié of pleasure this month?  Or in non-ballet speak, what simple pursuits have made you feel happy both inside and out during what has been another uncertain and unsettling month?

I’m Talking About Interests/Hobbies

Maybe you’ve discovered you’re actually pretty good with plants (love @patchplants) or you’ve had a go at an online art class and realised you’re actually not as bad as you remembered? (check out the adult online classes at  Maybe you’ve completed a ‘30-day Yoga at Home’ free series with Adriene (my mum has whooped my butt not once, but twice, well-done mum!).  Or maybe you’ve discovered a new local walk or cycle route?  I’ve found a fabulous new bike route near us and I can’t believe I’ve never cycled there before (Home Park, Hampton Court – thanks to Mrs. T for the introduction).  

Doing things we really enjoy provides us with a little shot of vitality, a lightness to our step and colour to our cheeks – we should all make time for interests – even if it’s just half an hour a day, along with at least 40 mins of some form of exercise (preferably outside).

My hobby this month has been my home - we’ve decluttered, well my husband has to be fair (he said I never used half of what he's given away? ... hmm? ... now trying to work out what's missing?!)  I’ve sold a sofa to make way for a desk/home office and we’ve upgraded our downstairs loo and utility room (with the help of Pinterest and a proper pukka fitter!).  We're now the proud owners of a warm, elegant loo worthy of raising a glass to (no blinds fitted yet though, so also raising an eyebrow from next door, but hey ho, these things take time).  We also have a lovely bright room for the washing machine and an ironing pile currently worthy of a high-rise architectural award.  All in all, I’ve really enjoyed working on it as a creative project and now don't mind spending time in there on the necessary chores.  

I still haven’t made banana bread or sourdough yet though have you?  I did however make not one, but two G&T cakes (see below just missing the sherbet lemons) - still delicious though.  Thanks to @elenasilcock and @bbcgoodfood - if you fancy giving it a go here's the link: 

What's New at Gin & Yin HQ??

New emotions? ... does that count as I could list several, some of which are new to me.  If you would have asked me at the beginning of last week how things were going on the retreats front, I would have replied enthusiastically with “Yes, it's been quite a rollercoaster, but, I’m actually feeling pretty excited now about both Spanish retreats at the moment thanks for asking” … but today … well h*lls bells, currently working on what I think is plan F! and yes, that's a word that might have been said at Gin & Yin HQ a few times of late.

Staying closer to home though, the good news is that my ‘Yin-ergising Yoga & Gin Tasting’ afternoon at The Gin Kitchen is now SOLD OUT so whoop de whoop to that.  If you've booked on, thank you and if not and you haven’t tried the Gin Kitchen's ‘Dancing Dragon Tail’ yet, you really should, it’s a delicious summer sipping gin.  I guess yoga in a farmer’s field and gin tasting in an airy barn is clearly the way to go!  Maybe it's time to moo-ve over to more UK based retreats and socials!

What's Coming Up Next ... I Hope! 


An Intro to Essential Oils,Uses, Benefits & Gin


Weds 5th August - 7.30pm(approx. 90 mins)

Venue:  Wherever you like it's online 

Worried about going 'out out' to workshops right now but want to find new ways of boosting your wellness? Worry no longer, I'm running an interactive 'in in' sip and sniff experience to you at home.  If you're interested, please book BEFORE Sunday 2nd August to allow me time to post/deliver all the goodies to you.

During this workshop, you'll learn about how dōTERRA high-grade essential oils can help boost your mood, keep you focussed and potentially improve your sleep, while also enjoying a G&T (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available).  To book on you can send payment via Paypal to (please add your email address to the notes) or email me at the same address and I'll send you the zoom and payment details. You can even invite people from your bubble to join you to make it even more fun.

What's the Cost:  


What's Included:  

A intro to essential oils, a little selection of dōTERRA 'sample oils' and a miniature Gin & Tonic or zero alcohol alternative

Tell me more

BRAND NEW 2021 Luxury Retreat, 

Le Marche, Italy

Weds 5th  - Sat 8th May 2021

I'm so excited to announce this new retreat to Le Marche, a hidden gem in one of Italy’s most unspoilt and picturesque regions.  This hilltop retreat is only a short 35-minute transfer from Ancona Airport and has stunning views of the Adriatic coast.  

In addition to a couple of wellness workshops and daily yoga sessions with a wonderful teacher (who is also a film producer), the itinerary on this one also includes a pasta and sauce making workshop, (well, when it Italy right?), along with a gentle bike ride to the local market, lunch down on the beach and a talk from a local gin distiller - I'm already salivating just typing this!  The full intinerary is on my website under the 'Retreats' tab.  

What's the Cost:

 £975 pp based on 2 ladies sharing a luxury en-suite twin room. Or if you’re seeking a little privacy, £1,300 pp based on single occupancy.  Flights are currently under £100 return.  

£200 deposit secures your space.

Read More / Pay Deposit

"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud."

Maya Angelou

As I mentioned in a recent post on Instagram, I can't control what's happening, it's worrying and uncertain that's a fact, I can and am adapting, but I refuse to be reduced by it.  

Social distancing is essential, however social isolation is not.

Check in with family; friends and colleagues - being at home for prolonged periods has its own unique set of challenges, why not send out a list of ingredients and make a cake together online, or maybe do try an art class, or something a little more creative .. which leads on to my next new idea - never a dull moment at Gin & Yin HQ -

watch this space.  

For now though cheers to staying connected and being the rainbow to someone's cloud - see you next month.

Ruth x

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