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2021 – The Age of Aquarius

(Yes, just like 'the dawning of’ … song by the 5th Dimension

'Let the Sunshine in')

A good start to the year? … put the kettle on, where shall we start? If you’re into your planets, this year is the 'New Age of Aquarius’ - wellness for all, replacing ‘I’ with ‘we’ focussing on healing, community and unity – not wanting to get too woo woo here, but all glimmers of hope right now are worth hanging our pinky finger on to, don’t you think? Oh, and talking of Aquarius, it’s my birthday this month a big one at that with a 5 and a 0 in it - I've haven't found a decent star sign write up for me yet this year, or not one that I liked the sound of at least (have to laugh, I only believe in them if I like what I read). Maybe that's it, maybe I'm not even an Aquarian any more? ... I heard that someone’s decided to change the dates of the star signs, did you hear about that? Honestly, as if we haven’t got enough to think about right now?!

Joking aside, how are you? Are you feeling more positive? About the same as before? Or are you now feeling anxious about being out and nervous about the prospect of travelling again? A friend messaged me the other day and said she was beginning to feel institutionalised and I can certainly relate to that. So, the question is, what can we do to keep moving forward in a positive way??

I’m no counsellor as you know, but what I do know is that anxiety thrives on the unknown and as we can only control what’s within our control, I’d like to share a few things that have protected my mental and physical wellbeing this month so far …

Memories – I’ve really enjoyed looking through photographs of past retreats, family holidays and events I’ve attended and hosted – these are a great reminder of the fun times I’ve had. I was brave enough then and I will be brave enough to do them again.

Media Choices - I’d recently fallen back into watching the BBC 10 O’clock news in bed – bad idea – this was having such a negative impact on my sleep - so I’m only choosing good books / travel / food / nature programmes going forward before bed from now on – Loving Rick Stein’s new programme Cornwall, food drink and travel yup, this way please.

Staying in touch – when permission to 'actually' touch has been taken away from us, it’s even more important to keep in touch and let people know that we care – just ‘liking’ posts on Facebook or Instagram doesn’t boost our happy hormones – in fact “if your emotional resilience isn’t that strong, social media is not a good place to spend your time” says Rebecca Frank, Simple Things Mag. Set up a time and date and get on the blower with either a brew or a G&T and share the load with each other.

Mindful movement and activities for the mind - As many a yoga teacher will tell you ‘we hold our issues in our tissues’ (in our bodies not in the Kleenex box btw) – doing things like yoga and creative activities releases oxytocin, which causes us to feel a surge of positive emotion. Here’s a lovely Self Compassion 10-minute yoga session with Yoga with Adriene: and if you’re up for some fun creative activities with a spot of gin next month (or non-alcoholic alternative) – see below or click here:

What do you think of my 'Hope' print - it's apt for right now don't you think, well it is for me and my little biz that's for sure as gin! I bought it from 'Leila & Azalea' check them out on Instagram - @leilaandazalea

What's New at Gin & Yin HQ?

Well to be honest, not a lot. We started the month with the dreaded virus, which floored us somewhat, leaving us with just about enough energy to get through each day never mind get stuff done. I'm pleased / relieved to report we're now out the other side and incredibly grateful that we got through it at home safe and sound. A little bit of good news though, I'm excited to have Holly's Gin and Navas Drinks on board for my 'Events in a Box' for February both are based in Cornwall, where we've had some really happy times, so cheers to them both.

Talking of keeping positive, a couple of things to lift your spirits this month - when 'life seems jolly rotten' search up ‘Songs to Make you Smile’ on Spotify these are sure to give you a little lift, music is clever like that. I also listened to an incredibly inspiring podcast earlier this month too - it's a conversation between Dr. Chatterjee and 93 year old Dr. Edith Eger, an Auschwitz survivor and psychologist it really is a must listen in my opinion – I’m also going to buy her book called ‘The Gift’ too – what a lady, certainly puts things into perspective -

So What's Next?

Share the love this Feb on this 'Sip, Savour, Share & Send' Workshop

- -

Weds 10th Feb 2021

Via Zoom – 7pm for 90 mins

Join China Jordan, Founder of ArtistAnd and I for this wonderful celebration of love, friendship & kindness with a glass of gin (or well crafted alternative).

This is a 'hearts and craft' session like no other. Whether you want to show kindness to your partner, your mates, or someone else in your life.

​What is Included?

In your ‘Lockdown Box Of Loveliness' you'll get: Holly's Cornish Gin & Navas Mixer; plus a homemade garnish; a delicious sweet treat by Kaf’s Bakes; nuts & olives - Plus, all the creative bits and bobs needed to make your creations to either share, send or keep for yourself - well why not indeed this is all about self love too.

You'll just need a pair of scissors, a glass filled with ice​ and some water to keep you hydrated.

How much is it?

Early Bird until 29th Jan £22.50 pp

Or £25.00 pp after that date.

Last orders Thurs 4th Feb.

Love It - I'm In!

'Sip, Sketch & Paint'

Virtual Workshop

- - -

Thurs 11th Feb 2021

Via Zoom – 7pm for 90 mins

Yes, Lynette Pizolu, Founder of The Art Class and I are at it again. Feedback from the last Sip, Sketch & Paint workshop was really wonderful, including 'genuinely Ruth, loved that' ... 'I can't believe I did that myself' and ... 'When can I book again'

Lynette is an excellent teacher and not only that, we'll get to paint while enjoying a delicious G&T thanks to Holly's Gin and Navas Mixers and treats while we're at it - it's all about having fun, staying connected and trying new things online. No judgement, or masterpiece expectations here, only good creative fun - although I bet you'll be impressed with what you paint.

What’s included?

This 'Event in a Box' will be posted / hand delivered prior to the event and will contain all the ingredients to make a delicious Cornish G&T (non-alcoholic alternatives also available) plus nibbles and a self-care treat - paints optional. Don't feel socially isolated right now, there's fun to be had so why not join us?

​How much is it?

£28pp (without art supplies / watercolours) £35pp (with art supplies / watercolours)

Follow Your (He)Art and Book Here

Cheers to a new age

- - -

Did I mention it's my birthday later this week? 'Covid fog-brain' is an actual thing you know, I Googled it, I've added it to my list. Anyhoo, I took this selfie just before a virtual knees up with my college friends last week, which replaced our weekend away to visit the Bombay Sapphire Distillery (among other things) - the theme was 'bling' hence the earrings! - It was honestly the most fun 'in in' I've had in all year. Good friends are worth their weight in gold right now, along with family too of course.

Why not hatch a positive plan while you're online with your friends and let the sunshine in - I have 1 twin left on my beautiful retreat to Le Marche in Italy in May and good availability for both Marbella in June and N. Ibiza in September - the full low down for each is on my website under the 'Retreats' tab - we all need lovely things to look forward to and I truly believe everyone should enjoy a retreat at least once in their life. See you next month and thanks for reading.

Ruth x

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