January's News

“Year by year the complexities of this spinning world grow more bewildering and so each year we need all the more to seek peace and comfort in the joyful simplicities” Woman’s Home Companion – 1953

To think this was written back in 1953 and here we are today at the end of the first month of a new decade, full of both promise as well as bewildering changes good and bad.  I feel this is equally as relevant today as it was over 67 years ago.

January for me started in the 20 mile an hour zone, which let’s be honest, is frustrating … safe and I’m all up for that, but difficult to maintain.  I felt a little overwhelmed by what to focus on first, which meant nothing got my full attention, which progressed into a mini mid-month panic (as I was procrastinating too of course) and now I feel like I’ve gone into ‘sports mode’ as I’ve crammed a month’s load of work into the last 5 days! … extract shoulders from ears … and … breathe.


Someone said to me that starting a business was the easy bit, keeping it going and ensuring it's viable is the difficult bit, how very true they were, not because I love gin and yin-ing any less, oh no quite the contrary, but because I now need to be more efficient with my processes, do proper grown-up stuff like finances and file my accounts to HMRC - have to laugh, I’m 49 (today in fact), how much more grown-up do I need to be before I feel ready to take on the taxing stuff… no pun intended!


How has your January been?  Do you have a holiday booked, or a day trip to the beach in the diary, or maybe a theatre trip planned to look forward to?  How about a new class or course to try or books you want to read? … I’ve just bought a couple of the ‘DO’ books this month – one called ‘DO/Purpose – Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more’ by David Hieatt and ‘DO/PAUSE – You are not a To-Do List’ by Robert Poynton, both of which sound right up my street.  I’ve also really enjoyed watching ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’ I love that Keith always cries when someone makes a lovely piece … he’s clearly passionate about pottery, which is so endearing – anyways, that’s on my list to try this year, I’ll keep you posted!  No photo = a pants pot!

What have I been up to lately? 

Talking of pots ... check me out in my coordinated shoes, jumper and plant pot photo at Facebook's offices last week!  Sorry if you're bored of this already from my socials!  Huge thanks to the lovely Joanna Michaels from @beyondsocialbuzz for putting me forward to attend a special #shemeansbusiness event with Enterprise Nation, Sheryl Sandberg, other Facebook senior figures and some wonderful entrepreneurial woman too, what an opportunity!  Joanna also gave my wee business a 'shout out' too, which I'm super grateful for.  Joanna and I first met at No. 10 Downing Street don't you know ... now that's another story - check out my old posts on Insta!  So what else?  I’m delighted to say that my Ibiza Retreat is now SOLD OUT so toot-toot to that!   I also went on an interesting ‘Forest Bathing’ experience – January wasn’t really the best month for it, so the jury is still out on that one for the moment.  I also met more lovely new collaborators resulting in a couple of new events for this year, with more retreats and event info to follow so keeping watching x   

So, What's up next?

It's a DJ'd Yoga, Gin & Pancake

Kinda Thing @ Sweaty Betty, Kingston

Tues 25th Feb - 6.15pm - 8.15pm

If you missed this fun collaboration last year at the Sweaty Betty Shop in Kingston, worry ye not, we're back with more bass and bums in the air like we just don't care followed by pancakes and gin tasting!  Really excited to be collaborating with:

Roisin Hope @ Concretejungleyoga on the mat - Francesca Smith @thehouseofrenaissance on the decks the team @sweatybetty on the pancakes

& Kit @twickenhamgin on the gin!

Tickets absolutely FREE!

Call 0208 541 4101 to bagsy a mat - spaces limited!

'Mountain Retreat'

Thurs 17th - Sun 20th Sept 2020

 Shanti-Som, Marbella


Only 1 twin & 1 single occupancy room now left on my 'Mountain Retreat' in the mountains of Marbella.  This retreat includes a mix of restorative and energising yoga sessions (everything is optional remember too) a lovely morning hike up the mountain, a potter around the Old Town which has some gorgeous affordable boutiques, delicious food, lovely rooms all with ensuite facilities, fun and friendship and the odd G&T here and there (or a glass of vino).  Why not get something in your diary to look forward to in 2020 - positive anticipation is a great energiser - you can also set up a monthly DD if that would make it more viable.  Everyone should try at least one retreat - "it's so much more than just a weekend away"

> Ommm Yes please!

Stylish Date for Your Diary!

Wednesday 3rd June 

'Sip & Swish'

7.30pm - 10pm

The Cosy, Woking

A social with a purpose  -  Clothing Exchange - Styling Advice - Smart Packing for a Weekend away & Cocktails! Seriously, I'm so excited about this already! Plus anything not 'swished' will be donated to 'Esteem Ahead' a really wonderful initiative.

This is a wonderful collaboration is  Emma @stylingyouwell Linda @esteemahead and @ourcosy in Woking - part of the wonderful Lighhouse Project - if this sounds like your kind of evening - please email me at: and I'll make sure you're first in line for tickets!

Thanks as always for your encouragement and support ... and for reading right down to the bottom of this newsletter - gold star! 

Ruth x

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