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Hello everyone, isn't it lovely to see little pockets of our gardens start to come to life with some wee buds and blooms.  Dare I even type this, but there seems to be more than a whisper of spring in the air… hmm… remind me, did it snow last March??  

Talking of snow, we’ve just returned from a very wet and wild 3-day trip to Iceland which with the benefit of hindsight, I’d describe as a ‘dream trip for adrenaline junkies’ – A great way to enjoy? time with our 17-year-old before he starts his A Levels, while our daughter was on her first school ski trip - it seemed like a great idea at the time.  Starting with the drive from the airport to the hotel - this was not for the fainthearted, even for the calmest of passengers, which I most certainly was not!  Then moving on to signing our lives away to snorkel in glacial waters across tectonic plates ...  as you do in the middle of winter - getting into the dry suit alone was an achievement (see below), then on to quad-biking wearing not one, but two special suits (one of which could have doubled up nicely as a parachute at times in the wind) forget accelerating for speed, I was merely trying to hang on and arrive alive!  Thrilling, terrifying, freezing, exhilarating and exhausting are just a few words to describe our mini adventure and I wouldn't have changed a thing!  It's true though that I now need a distillery-sized vat of sweet tea and a little lie down in a darkened room … for a week to recover.  For those also who also had 'half-term' breaks, I hope you had a lovely rest.


to win a beautifully designed touring 'Yoga Mat'

As you may already know, it is International Women’s Day on Friday 8th March – so much so, I’d like to a) do my bit (to be announced shortly) and b) as a startup, I’d reallyvalue your support - if you're happy to do so, can you please recommend my Gin & Yin Retreats to any of your friends and family who you think would genuinely enjoy coming along.   If they sign up to receive this monthly newsletter via my website or forward this on and they can click through the link at the bottom too - they will then be entered into my PRIZE DRAW (along with yourself, as a thank you too) to win a beautiful touring ‘yoga mat’ thanks to Kati Kaia -  We took a couple of Kati’s durable, eco, biodegradable, sustainable, ethical mats out with us on my Retreat to Goa in January (see my FB page) and it's safe to say, there were the best by far not only to look at, but to practice on too! Thanks in advance for any support you can give me – the winner will be announced on Monday 11th March 2019.

So What's Next at Gin & Yin HQ ....

Wild Woman Retreat - Marrakech

- Thurs 27th to Sun 30th June 2019 -

Everything can be a springboard for inspiration if you're willing to give new experiences a try, before another year flies by. it would be wonderful to have you with us at the magical Peacock Pavilions Hotel to enjoy daily yoga, culture, a hammam experience, a walking tour, G&Ts and so much more - I hope this lovely video piece will give you a taste of what's in store – full itinerary on my website - copy and paste this into your browser -

More Info

'Eat Yourself Happy' Supper Club & Gin Sipping Social

Retreat Kitchen, Richmond

Thurs 21st March 2019 - 8pm - 10pm

Only 6 spaces left -  Don’t rest on your coconut bites, grab a friend, your partner, a group of mates or also feel free to come by yourself, it’s all very relaxed and sociable.  Once again I’m collaborating with the lovely Claire & Maggie at ‘The Retreat Kitchen’ and I’m also delighted to be collaborating with my neighbours at ‘Thames Ditton Gin’ as our gin partner of choice on this event too – to find out more and to book your place click below

More Info

​​Thank you to Sue Hind's lovely son for modelling one my goodie bags so handsomely ...  great to see they're still coming in useful even for our kids!

Last but not least - I will be announcing the date for next 'Gin Sipping Spring Social' back at No.97 in Surbiton eheck on my Instagram account v soon

PLUS - I only have 

2 rooms left on my 'Restorative Mountain Retreat' to Marbella in September, woweee - book now to secure your place if you'd like to join us!

To finish, may your vases be full of daffs and your glasses full of gin - 

thanks as always for reading.

Ruth x

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