April's News

Just when I thought it was safe to get my full collection of flip-flops out, a storm is on its way! Really?!  Alas, thinking back to how beautiful the weather was last weekend, I have to admit I was torn between feeling the need not to waste it and be active outdoors, as well as wanting to just enjoy being outdoors without feeling the need to be active. Unbeknown to me, Monday 22nd April was also ‘Earth Day’ I discovered this news at around 10 am that day - what a result - I now had an incredibly important reason to keep the car at home, plant some seeds (probably not the right time of year, but hey ho); research some simple sustainable switches from the comfort of the garden; watch the washing basking in the sun vs. sticking it in the tumble dryer whilst slowly sipping a G&T armed with The Sunday Times, which I read front to back, which was a first ... (ok minus the money section).

I also made some environmentally friendly pledges on my Instagram account, so a bit like announcing you’re going to set yourself a new goal out loud (I'm still recovering from the half marathon 3 years ago!) I will now be doing my utmost to honour these.  All in all the Bank holiday Monday was so wonderfully lovely, I think we should have Earth Day at least once a month .... complete with sunshine though x

What have I been up to this month? 

In addition to checking I can still physically do a cartwheel without injuring myself (tick), I've been busy plotting and planning events and retreats for September and beyond. I’m currently researching running a retreat in Northern Ibiza, I absolutely loved taking a group of gals there a few years ago, the coastline is stunning and there’s a very cool wellness vibe in the North (gin is also plant-based remember) - plus it’s easy to get to so look out for that one.  I also have a meeting in London next week to potentially collaborate on a retreat in Italy - watch this space. Last but not least, In an effort to do my bit, I’m also seeking some ‘eco-friendly' water bottles to add to my retreat bags that I can brand, if you come across any ideas or have any contacts, I’m all eco-ears and eyes. On that note, if anyone would like to collaborate with me on an event or a retreat for that matter – I’d love to hear from you, just drop me a line.

So, what's coming up next  ....

Open & Balanced Retreat - Marrakech

- Thurs 27th to Sun 30th June 2019 -

Whilst my Marbella Retreat in September is full, I do still have 2 rooms left on this magical retreat to Marrakech - 3 nights (almost all inclusive) to breathe a little deeper and stretch a little further, with a dash of adventure - daily yoga; a walking tour of the Medina; a hammam experience plus massage, G&Ts and mini wellness workshops  – full itinerary on my website x

More Info

'Yin Yoga, Gin Talking, Tasting & (elegant) Troughing' 

@ The Gin Kitchen, Dorking

Saturday 14th Sept 2019 - 4pm - 8pm

Nestled in the Surrey Hills in a converted barn, you will find The Gin Kitchen, co-founded by Kate & Helen.  They craft their luxurious gins with love, skill and laughter and distribute their hand painted bottles to some of the UK's fanciest hotels and Fortnum & Masons too no less!  Tickets £35 - join us for a yoga session with a twist; hear the story behind the The Gin Kitchen and the gin making process, followed by a gin tasting and some delicious food (not served from the trough, I hasten to add)  Details available on Eventbrite shortly - but if you'd like to get your trotters on and bagsy a space before it goes live - click below (Max 18)

Bagsy Your Place

To end this newsletter - get your favourite cup, buy a good read (my current favourite is 'Simple Things' mag), get your warm socks back on and get plotting and planning for your next personal adventure.  "Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith"

Margaret Shepherd

Ruth x

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