April's Good News Only!

So here we are at the end of another month and week 6 of lockdown … I think? ... How are you?  Personally, I’m greyer and slightly chubbier since my last newsletter and I’ve had to accept that mess with 2 teenagers at home is the new norm for the short term, unless I want to become even balder too.  

On the plus side, John and I are on Day 20 of ‘Yoga with Adriene at Home’ which we’ve enjoyed, I’ve nearly finished our 2018 family photo album (have to laugh but at least I’ve done it) and we’re all safe and well, which I should have probably listed first?!

As some of you may have spotted if you follow me on my socials, the not so good news is that I had to move my June retreat to Northern Ibiza, however, the really good news is that I've managed to move it to Thurs 8th – Sun 11th October, yeay - I've heard that the weather is also great in Ibiza in early October, so that's a phew too!  Due to the date change, I now have 1 twin room that has become available, so if you think this could be just what you need to look forward to right now - £150 secures your place – it’s an en-suite 'twin room', a lovely opportunity to spend proper quality time with your friend, or your sister or maybe your mum – have a think and take a look here and click on the 'read more' tab which details the full low down, along with our flights - if I have to postpone it again, as before I will be honoring full refunds on the accommodation if the new date isn't viable  xx

This gives you a taste ... no pun intended ....  of where we'll staying:

So Ruth, What's New at Gin & Yin HQ??

Well, in all honestly, not a lot - I’m waiting for new dates for my events that were all scheduled in June, which include:  ‘Sip & Swish’ sustainable clothing exchange (bring 3 take 3) evening at Hummings Gin Bar in Esher and my ‘May Contain Gin Essential Oils Workshop’ at No. 97 in Surbiton and my ‘Yinergise Yoga & Gin Tasting Experience’ at The Gin Kitchen – I'm very much hoping that all my collaborators in wellness and gin also all come through this too and we'll be able to run them in either August... (might be a tad optimistic?) / September  / October time – fingers and toes crossed by the time I write May’s Newsletter I’ll have some new dates to share with you all – in the meantime, thanks for hanging on in there with me, I really do appreciate it.

LOCATION - LOCATION - LOCATION  –  Even though I’ve been ‘locked-down’ that doesn’t mean I haven’t been virtually getting out and about - as some of you will know, I'm forever researching new locations and itineraries for Gin & Yin and I'd value your thoughts (I will also do a wee Poll on Insta and Facebook) but if you can spare a few minutes to reply to this email and list these in order of favourites, that would be really great (don't worry I won't hold you to them) - plus, if there's anywhere you'd love to go to on a retreat so I can gauge where's appealing, that would be helpful too: 

1. Atlas Mountains – Marrakech (3 nights)

2. Olhao – Little Village in Portugal (4 nights)

3. Marche, Italy – Retreat by the Sea (4 nights)

4. Split – Croatia (3 or 4 nights)

I'M LISTENING – Also, now that I have a little more thinking time, I’d really value your thoughts/feedback on any events that will make your heart sing - talking of singing, have you ever tried it??... properly I mean??  How about a ‘Gin & Sing’ choir afternoon … I’ve loved hearing about the online choirs at the moment, I haven’t been in a choir since I was about 12 but it’s been scientifically proven to boost your positive endorphins … or how about a jog paced ‘10k Secret Gin Run’ around London finishing off with a group G&T? … or a ‘Foraging; Flowers & Vintage G & Tea’ session??? Or if you have any ideas too … or know anyone who does something interesting who might like to collaborate with me, I’m all ears and Gin & Tonic ready .... well it is Thursday after all x

Restorative Mountain Retreat - Marbella

17th - 20th Sept 2020


2 Rooms Available - Deposit £150pp

Let's not forget about September too (all being well).  These rooms can be booked either as a twin room for £750pp or or Single Occ at £950pp.

If I need to postpone this retreat, I want to reassure you, that I will be honouring full refunds paid to Gin & Yin if you are unable to move to the new date.


Isn't this photo of 'Shanti Som' lovely - it's hard to believe that this hidden gem of a property is only a hop and a skip from Malaga Airport - this place is honestly something special, the yoga teachers are wonderful (total newbies also welcome), the food is seriously amazing and all rooms have ensuites and little balconies or terraces.  We also head off to the Old Town on the Saturday night to explore the boutique shops and culture and enjoy supper on the beach - it really is a lovely trip.

To see photos from last year, check them on my Facebook Page under 'Albums'.  To secure your place, please click below.


Positive Forward Planning


'This Essential Oils Workshop May Contain Gin'

(New date to be announced as soon as it's safe to do so)

No. 97 - Surbiton


I've loved experimenting with essential oils for a long time now and a year or so ago, I discovered dōTERRA oils through Rina Bailey (part time Criminal Barrister no less and essential oils specialist) from Dotty’s Oils ( and I haven’t looked back … if you've never tried them, they smell and taste incredible.  So much so, I wanted to share Rina's knowledge with everyone, hence inviting her to join me on a

Gin & Yin event.  

If you'd like to learn more about these oils, their uses and benefits, as well as making your own blend to take home, plus take part in a Gin tasting too, with the wonderful team at No. 97 - this really is going to be a fun evening.  To read more about it, click the link but then watch this space for the new date!


When there's a 100% chance of gin this weekend, what will it be??

I love @rosiemadeathing where this photo comes from - they make such fun cards and merchandise, they deserve a shout out, so there you go.  

I hope this weekend will be as lovely as the last few in lockdown, it has made such a difference hasn't it - I'll be trying 'Porter's Gin' tonight - I've been enjoying their instagram lockdown videos too.  Over the weekend I'll be staying local (aka at home!) with a glass or two of 'The Good Life' Gin made by No. 97 - they deliver for free on Friday's if you're local!  Last but not least, if you join us on my retreat to Marbella in September - the gin that's been kindly gifted for that one is produced by the one of the oldest distilleries in Andalusia, called Puerto De Indias - Sevillian Strawberry Premium Gin  - serious yum or what ...  more about them in my socials shortly!!

In the meantime “they say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.” Tom Bodett

Sending 3 shots of good vibes only to you all to keep us going to next month ... probably the last day again ... seriously, one day I'll surprise you and get this out earlier ... maybe? xx

Ruth x

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